Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My decision for Lent

I'm suppose to fast and all as a Catholic as its now the Season of Lent.

I didn't go for Ash Wednesday tho. :P Completetly forgot, actually no, it was the week where parents served me their ultimatum regarding Mr Wonderful and I was still upset at them (oh apparently it's a wrong for me to get angry at them because I'm not allowed to get angry at then. How can a natural reaction be wrong? Is being happy with someone a wrong too?!?) I couldn't bring myself to go to church in that sour mood.

Well after watching Phineas and Ferb, (Go watch Disney Channel, awesome show!)

I had a "I know what I'm going to do for Lent!" moment.

Drum rolls please!

For my 'sacrifice' for a lack of better word, shell be...

I Shall Not Further Antagonise My Parents No Matter How Much It Kills Me To Not Do So.

To be more clear, maintain peace with them.

I'm still upset with them that they're forcing me to attend regular Sunday Mass at St. Anne's church, even though I don't know the priests there (Cant even remember if I know their names) and the parishoners, you can tell that people there so stuck up! (I may be Catholic but I'm not perfect)

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