Thursday, February 4, 2010

5 Things I Love and The One Place I Where I Get My Highs, An Advertorial

I love five things and only five things. (People are not counted.)

I love the sun by the beach.

I love ice-cream and how it makes me happy.

I love novels because they take me to places I've never been.

I love writing down and drawing out my thoughts, hopes and dreams.

I love the quirky things I find and I treasure each and every find.

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Now there's only one place where I can get all of this. Yup. ONE

The Cathay

The Cathay

First on my list. The sun and the beach! Wait a minute. Hmm. There's no sand or sea or surf in here. Hmm... And I honestly can't say I can go the beach yet in the state I'm in.


Oh look its Strip Co-Ed! Now I can prepare myself for a day out at the beach! :D No more bikini line or hairy legs for me! Hee! Its painless (who am I deluding??) and the feeling of smooth legs plus the tan you'll get will be so worth getting waxed!

It's been hot lately. Don't you agree? The weather's too hot even to go to the beach. I prefer the balmy type of hot but phew its really hot today.

Ben and Jerry's

Hmm. What's this? It sounds very familiar. I've seen it before.


A cow?? I've been here before! Now just to recall the name. Let's go down and take a look shall we?

What's This?

Ooh.. What's this. Looks like..

Ice Scream

Oh yes its becoming clearer to me now. Yum!

Mint Choc

Mint Chocolate Chunk! Yay! Its I Scream at Ben & Jerry's! An awesome flavour to beat the heat too!

Four levels

Now what else is on my list? Let's walk around.

would wood..

Wood Would.. Let's take a look shall we??


Journals!! I need one! I need all!! Muahahah!

Exercise Journal

An Exercise Journal, I definitely want this. I can finally keep track of the work out I did. Remember Jan, as part of you new resolution, you need to work out at least twice week!

Desk Display

They also have quirky trinkets abound! I wonder if the writing desk is for sale? It'll fit in nicely in my room.
I heard they change stock daily! So its a one of a kind or limited only! Especially their greeting cards. Oh and I saw some awesome reads. I'm pretty sure you'd have to get them online cos other bookstores won't have them.

There's only two stores in Singapore and of it is in The Cathay!

Looking at all that makes me want to explore more. What other unique finds will I find next.

+20 bulbs

I feel like I'm being drawn to those light bulbs like a moth.

+20 Bulbs

Its +20 Bulbs

Now let's see what's under those light bulbs.

20- display

I just saw something I like!


I have got to own this!!

Now wait what's this??

vintage clothes

I'm really growing ditzy from the head turning! But you've got to see these clothes! I'm in love with them already.

Shop Front

Let's go in eGG3. Its so welcoming! They just recently moved in that new bigger space. Which means more stuff!


I'm growing hungry from the excitement of discovering unique finds.

Let's see what's down stairs.

New York Pizza

Now that looks like it'll fill me up.

New York Pizza Pizza

A LARGE size slice of pizza, with chicken drumlets and a drink for the set meal. I'd say New York Pizza is so worth trying.

I think I've just reached my saturation point. *burb*

The Cathay Front
The Cathay is such an awesome place. There are unique shops at every level you won't find anywhere else but a girl can only take so much happiness in one day.

Let's review:
Preparation for the beach Checked!
Ice Cream craving satisfied Checked!
Gotten new journals Checked!
Found new books to read Checked!
Quirky Unique finds? Definitely!

I heard The Cathay has great promos and events coming up! Want to get the latest update?

Join The Cathay Facebook page ( to get updated with latest promos, events, contests & giveaways!

Shops I Visited:
egg3 #01-18
+20 Bulbs #01-08
New York Pizza #B1-24
Ben & Jerry's #02-12
Strip Co-Ed #02-10
woodwould #03-03
Lots of thanks to the shops for giving me permission to take those photos!


  1. is this related to nuffnang?
    hmm.. looks fun.. haha.. all the best! =)

  2. i think we hav the same interest haha
    nanged you. nang this to meet the Tiger Lady of 2010!

  3. Jan, ur photos are very well saturated... not too much but deliciously nice! I miss the grand cathay... went there once only... :)

  4. @ken yup!

    @IyouWeBlog Awesome! :D Nanged yours!

    @Henry Thanks! I go there practically every week. Student price movies before 5 is $6 only :D

    @papabear You think so? I hope so. Lol.

  5. uhuhu.. envy* envy*

    here in malaysia is 5-6 sing dollar every day! haha

  6. hi Jan!!! CJ's here!!
    wow...such a great place!!! i've never been in singapore before...maybe i'll be there one day...
    when money make it possible..hahaha!!! thanks for coming to my book blog...=)

  7. Its been a long time since i went there~

  8. @henry
    no fair!

    it'll be worth visiting!

    Thanks for the nang. Even with out this contest I really do like to go the The Cathay especially wood would. Its my favourite shop. :P

  9. you just made The Cathay seems like an interesting place to go shopping at!


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