Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Churp churp!

You know NN but do you know about Churp Churp??

It's the twitter version of NN where you tweet their ads and get paid!

I joined last week and I just got my first assignment from them. Hopefully my tweet will get approved.

My opinion on this is still 'watch and see'

But if you want click above image to check it out yourself.

How it works. (Taken from Churp Churp)

Simple enough ya? I'm not advertising here. Just letting the NN community find out that the team from NN came up again with another advertising platform.

So leave comments and tell me what you think.

They also came up with Nom Nom Media but I've no idea what that is.


  1. yeah.. i've been using it when it first came out.. pretty okay i think.. but the earnings depends on the number of followers you have i guess.. the more, the better.. =)

  2. ohhh... too bad i dont use twitter... too many things to catch up, blogs, fb, emails, works... haizzzz

  3. We can't wait to have Churp churp here in Manila!

    Remember me? The new runner. You commented on my blog. :) I'm a Nuffie in the PH office.

    Its awesome to know ppl are excited about Churp!Churp! (cute name right?)


Comments are always welcome! :)


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