Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Anti-Valentine's Day Song

Okay folks with no dates this Valentine's Day. I'm not looking down on you. Just stating a fact. And don't give me crap about, Valentine's day is comercialised and I'm not feeding greeting card coporations with my money.

FACT IS YOU HAVE NO DATE. I'm pretty sure if you did, you won't be spouting nonsense.

Anywho, Here's a song that I advocate should be the theme song for Anti-Valentine's Day. Its only 58 seconds long.

How Fucking Romantic - Magnetic Fields
I couldn't find the actual video or song anywhere online and if I want to embed it here I need to upload my copy of the song up on a server which I have to pay for.
Maybe when I'm rich I can buy my own domain and I can post up mixtapes for all to download. :D

And since we're on the topic of anti-valentine's day here's a list of other great songs on topics of anti-love/loniliness in case someone out there wants to create a playlist.

1. Bad Romance - Lady GAGA

2. Bitter Heart - Zee Avi

3. Kantoi - Zee Avi (heh. I'm a fan)

4. Love Me Dead - Ludo

5. Love Sick Stomachache - Bowling For Soup

6. Motorcycle Drive By - Third Blind Eye

7. I Don't Need A Man - PCD

8. In The Cinema Alone - A Little Place In The Wilderness

9. I'm Leaving You Because I Don't Love You - Jens Lekman

So that's 10 songs up there including How Fucking Romantic.

Sadly I have a date for Valentine's Day! Just that I'll probably be celebrating it on the 12 or 13.

I already have a hint of where Mr. Wonderful will bring me. Its Italian and possibly posh. Lol.
He hates me for my sometimes scary accurate almost psychic guess.


  1. well, ppl say that im a romantic person but i dont like it when my partner knows my trick... haha!

  2. hope no one going to like it. btw thanks for drop by at my blog


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