Thursday, February 4, 2010

Guilt and Excercise Is Killing Me!

I Had KFC yesterday!! OMG! After swearing off not having it. D:

Guilt guilt and more guilt.

Did you know KFC chicken are injected with STEROIDS??

Male homrmones people! So that they have more meat for us to strip off the poor overfed chickens' bones.

And now since I'm having my period, I'm limited in my type of work out. D: I'm very much afraid to continue my run. Hopefully this weekend I'll get to run.

And all I did this morning was 30 crunches, 15 push ups and 15 lunges, 3 sets of each. I fear its not enough. My thighs are going to balloon up just like those juicy yummy KFC chicken drumstick.

And there's also my tests next week. Grr. I have not revised. I'm doomed. I need to get started now.

I've got blog posts in draft mode waiting to be edited to be posted up too. So many things. Panic is killing me. (PS Nuffnang replied!)

Oh and darn. Clara and her friend went for Muse concert last night. They got the $120 tix for only $65. So not fair. D:

With these drivels I'll end it off with a Giant Rubber Duck! (Cos its not chicken, I don't like eating duck and ducks in this form is cute)


  1. Really??? they contains steroids? Is there any side effect from eating them?

  2. haha... not sure is steroids or what but seems that the antidisease for the chickens can make them fat.... :) but i still like to eat KFC though... haha

  3. @Kelvin and @Henry Yes its steroids. The inject them with it and put the chickens on the threadmill to build more muscles. Why do you think KFC chicken taste different from Kampung Chicken.

    Kampung chicken run around the kampung still but no steroids hence they're still lean.

  4. my friend also took steroids as diet pills. sort of steroids but it's prescribed by doctor. but okay, the chicken ... so bad! i am not a kfc fan but i still eat pockett banditto occassionally. hee

  5. talking about food nowadays... is there really anything safe to eat? :)

  6. @von really? steroids as diet pills??

    @papabear Kampung home grown food!


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