Sunday, January 31, 2010

One Year and Six Months

29th January officially marked One Year and Six Months Anniversary,Mr Wonderful and I.

As he books out from camp that day we decided to celebrate on the 30th. Which we also found out that day was Thaipusam.

One of our very first date was dinner at Fish and Co. Paragon. If I remember correctly it was our first date before we got together two weeks later.

He suggested we go to the one at the Glass House next to Park Mall for lunch.

Mr. Wonderful

Oh and I wore heels to mark the occasion. I still can see the marks on my poor feet still.

A really hungry me. Looking really wilted. Walking in heels is no joke. Especially in the hot weather.

So basically we had appetisers. Really good Appetisers.

The Appetisers

The Mussels in Garlic Butter Lemon sauce! Ohh it was so good! Especially if you dip the bread that comes with it in the sauce!

Mussels in Garlic Butter Lemon Sauce

And Fried Calamaris! Okay this is a must have but I'd have to say sadly that the Mussels took all my attention. IT WAS JUST SO GOOD! You can tell by now I'm obviously a big seafood fan.
Fried Calamaris

As for our main, we shared. Its Chilli Crab! I didn't know Fish and Co even has this on the menu!

The Chilli Crab

Look at how big it is! Be prepared to make a mess tho and don't wear white! Lucky I brought a cardigan with me.
The Chilli Crab

Basically its served with the shell all broken apart and pieced back together for presentation's sake and the pincer is partially cracked.
It comes with bread to wipe the sambal clean off the pan!

Be prepared to use your fingers, the shell cracker is given to you but watch out for shrapnels whan cracking these huge pincers!

And now for a Fish and Co. traddition. Gulping down big chunks of ice!

This time, its the Seamonkey Freeze!

We did this too during the first date we had. Lol.

After our lunch we decided to walk off all that ice and and seafood.
And ended up watching a bit of the procession.

1 year and 6 months 012

I love events like this! It just show the cultural and community spirit. Way much better than the current 'modern' events I learn about. Its awesome to see that its not only Hindus there but others to watch, support and cheer on the Devotees.

And those Kavadi's are really beautiful! Each time the Devotee dance it bounces along in rythm with the peocock feathers waving in the air.

No idea what I'm talking about, watch.

I love how they sing, drum and encourage the devotee along that long procession!

Anyway, we walked to Orchard Central. (Gah! My feet were killing me!)

At Orchard Central
Gosh I hate my big teeth. Inherited from my mum's side of the family.

And there's this flea market thing going on. I think its till next weekend if I'm not wrong. We bought some old post cards from this guy that has his booth on the fourth floor. He has these amazing movie post cards that you won't get anywhere else! Unless you're a collector, you won't mind forking out $20 for the postcard of Yoda for The Clone Wars. (I Wanted it D:)

Oh and if you know Le Flirtini, they sell really good accessories and Mr. Wonderful bought me a feather headband from there.

Me wearing my new hairband. You can't see much of it tho.
The Girl with Feathers in her Hair

After that we met up with his parents at City Hall to have dinner and for Mr. Wonderful to do abit of shopping.

Oh and I believe Mr. Wonderful is aptly named because he massaged my feet when I really couldn't take the pain despite them being dirty and probably smelly as well.

He does the sweetest things.

The Day after when we went for mass. my hair pretty much resembles the feathers on my new hairband.
The Day After


  1. Happy One Year and Six Months Anniversary! Happy always ya!

  2. You both are so sweet... I'm jealous. I want a bf too!!!


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