Monday, January 25, 2010

4/52 Boat Quay

Week 4 of Project 52 is up! The last for January.

This week's photo is of Boat Quay through sepia glasses.

Week 4 - Boat Quay

Or you can say Boat Quay through endless photo editing. This is definitely one of my favourite.

If I had it my way all my photographs for Project 52 will turn out like this. But that'd be boring wouldn't it? And that would also not let me improve myself.

Boat Quay Original

And this here is the original photograph.

Oh and its only week 4 and I'm running out of ideas?! A little help yea? Throw in a few suggestions to the comment box below!


  1. Looks abstract and artistic! great job! nanged u.

    Clicked on ur singtel (nuff) ads too!

    Hope u can visit me and help click on my nuffnang (the dell one) adverts as well :) Will really appreciate it!

    Cheers to all Singaporean bloggers,

  2. wow! tats a really really nice photo. felt so timeless. =) good job done! =) love the blog name too!!! =)

  3. I really like your first photo! Great job!

  4. Thanks Cherry and Elaine! :D

  5. I looove photography, but sadly bad at it. Love ur 4/52 Boat Quay sepia pic. Can't stop going back up to look at it.


Comments are always welcome! :)


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