Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mr Not-So-Wonderful

Mood: Sad

Sometimes, I delude myself into thinking Mr. Wonderful is Mr. Perfect.

Its not the first time you've made plans with me, forgot about it and made other plans.

Usually, I would just let it go and not be affected at all knowing your nature and have learnt to accept and love it as part of you, but this time, it's like an arrow through my heart.
Why was this time so profound??

Was it because of yesterday evening's conversation still fresh in my mind and still raw?
I'm confused still but I still chose to be with you with a bit of persuasion on your part and I guess that happening is like a slap to my face.

You've apologised and I know you're truly sincere, Why else would I call you my Mr. Wonderful??)

But somehow, you manage to get my guard up. And I don't like putting up this natural instinctive barrier, especially against you.

You're the one person I can truly trust with the exception of Fran and a few others.
You're the only person that knows me so well.

Its all abit confusing right now to whoever is reading this. So am I.
Tomorrow I'll be seeing Mr. Wonderful and we'll see what happens from there.

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