Thursday, December 31, 2009

Disclosure Policy do you have one?

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If you've just visited my newly revamped blog, you realise that on the top left corner is a tab labeled Disclosure Policy" So do you have one?

First, I bet some of you are going to ask what is it?

Well a Disclosure Policy in a nutshell is basically your policy and beliefs on how you blog is ran and you're telling everyone who reads about this, i.e. TRANSPARENCY to your readers.

Then you're probably going to ask, why the heck do I need one?

You don't, but as a blogger, it helps you, especially if you are paid to do advertorials, or feature ads, like Nuffnang. It tells your readers:

1. What type of blog your blog is.

2. Whether you accept paid advertisments. (Duh!)

3. What type of advertising you do and if you clearly state that certain posts are advertising.

4. Whether the advertising you do are your own opinions and beliefs about the product.

5. If your blog contains a conflict of interest like you're paid to advertise something which you don't advocate for.

Apart from that, it gives your blog integrity and your readers trusts you.
Also it pays to be ethical.

So what are you waiting for? Get a disclosure policy now!

Don't know how to create one? Go to

I am not paid to write this post and/or promote I just belief that bloggers, especially bloggers active in advertising through their blog get one.

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  1. i never really bothered about that before..
    i dont get any paid advertorial posts anyway =P


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