Wednesday, December 30, 2009

About Waking Up Famous

Hello! I'm Janessa and I'm a 22-year old with a shiny new Diploma in Integrated Events & Project Management, in other words, I'm a party planner! I've been misplace in Singapore since I was five and originally from the Philippines.

I love kittens, writing, watching films all day and Mr. Wonderful.

I absolutely hate Flower-flavoured food and drinks (except for some teas) and Barney the Dinosaur. Apart from those, I'm generally a person who loves anything and will be willing to try new things.

Jane Austen is my fave and so is Darth Vader. I am also obsessed bout Johnny Depp much to Mr. Wonderful's suffering.

Waking Up Famous is my 2nd blog and I started it to post things that inspires me in my life.  

If you wish to contact me about anything and everything under the sun (nothing illegal tho) or you just want to say hi, drop me an email at!

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