Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Starbucks Signpost

Week 12 - The Starbucks Sign

This was one of the first few photos I took with my powershot! I've been taking lots of photos but I don't think I'll post all. Most of them are on my flickr account.

Anyway this sign post is at the starbucks at Liat Towers. The day was kind of overcast. It just rained and it was a cold day.

Anyway I've been busy like crazy and I'm so so tired everytime I reach home, I couldn't be bothered to go online. D:


  1. ok i'll browse ya flickr photostream...
    take care ya.. dun stress too much!

    The CleverMunkey

  2. I'd been itching to buy a new camera with all these impressive photos! I guess I've gotten tired of my little sony compact cam. hehe

    btw, Resort World manila is inside the Newport City residential and business complex, which is right in front of the NAIA terminal 3 (just up the road from Villamor Airbase). ;)

  3. @Henry thanks! Too much work!

    @Emz Get a camera!! Lol! Its so worth it! :D And thanks for the info. Now I can tell my mum and dad.


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