Thursday, March 25, 2010

I am unexpectedly left alone in the office

With a laptop and an internet connection. So I'm going to catch up with my blogging! :D

Saturday! Was awesome! Why? I've had a very full week last week working for two events. Both conferences and both equally a pain.

1st was the BioPharm Convention Asia 2010 and the other was the International Conference on Early Childhood Care Education.

BioPharm was a pain cos we had to stand the whole day in business attire. BUT pay was good, food was good.

ICECE was a pain cos pay sucks, food sucks but work was easy. :D AV for a conference session. Only thing was, I had to listen to the same conference 3 times!! Something bout tapping into govt. resources for manpower needs. I was so ready to scream at them to halt and promise them I'll become a childcare teacher if they stop.

Lucky I didn't.

So Mr. Wonderful picked me up and we had a great time cos it is what I desperately needed. Relaxation. Jeez, I don't think I've ever been this stressed out during school term.

Mr Wonderful turns into the Red Hulk

That's him all disgusting like on Friday. >.< He just booked out and was tanned from playing ultimate frisbee. Show off! You'll be pasty white soon enough! Mark. My. Words. The world is Unfair like that. Women (me) who tans easily and men (Mr. Wonderful) who are as fair as the day they were born.

Both of us were desperate for some bloody steak o Saturday and decided on Aston's. We just didn't expect the crowd. O.o

So at this point of time, I began chewing on his arm. I was craving for meat ok! and his arms are quite meaty :D

We decided to explore a bit and we saw,

Steaks! Yum!

We both ordered Ribeye, rare and it comes with two side dish he had roasted potato and garden salad, i took sweet corn and roasted potato. I also ordered a mocktail. Can't remember the name but I remember the awesome stuff they put in it. Sprite/7Up, Lime Juice and Blue Curacao. Pretty much like a Shirley Temple if you use Grenadine instead of the Blue Curacao.

Next few shots of me taken by Mr. Wonderful. I have no idea why my face is scrunched up!

And then it was my turn to take photos!

He was emphasing something here but I can't seem to remember what he was talking about. I was more interested in taking photos. Hehe. Call it revenge for all the time he forgot certain important things.

Like the awesome wine rack they have.

And our bill. And what do you know, the mocktail's called Sapphire Dream! Oh our bill went up when he saw someone ordered ice-cream float O.o; I guess being in NS makes you appreciate the childlike things you miss out. Like waffles. Or maybe it's just cos he's like that. Heh. I'm just glad he doesn't crave for beer or smokes.

And then our food arrived almost matchy-matchy!

His with braised mushroom sauce.

Mine with blackpepper sauce! We exchanged sauce when I found mine too spicy, not that it isn't good. When you ask for blackpepper sauce, it's really blackpepper sauce, with the blackpepper really infused in the sauce.

After that I tucked away my camera and devoured my steak!!

Its $13.90 for the steak. Portions are smaller than Aston's but you know what??

The taste, oh the taste is so so much better!

But like Aston's you don't go to Indulge Cafe for a romantic atmosphere. It noisy and bustling! Perfect for dinner outing with group of loud boisterous friends!

So that's it! My much needed stress relief. I was stress-free for a full 12 hours till something cropped up. Lol. I'll never find peace.


  1. i can see yellow teeth! wakakaka... jk...
    the food looks so delicious! nice shots btw :)

    The CleverMunkey

  2. you both look so cute together!


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