Thursday, March 4, 2010

9/52 My Rose Ring in Black and White

Week 9 - My Rose Ring

Ok there's my rose ring in black and white. I love the shadows.

I'm feeling kind of dissatisfied and stunted with what I've been doing latelty for my Project 52. I need inspiration! Maybe its time to take it to the streets???

I just need to own MY OWN camera and not one where its partially paid by me and my dad. Grr. I hate it when he hides it from me! IT'S MINE TOO! Partially.

Saving for a DSLR. Hehe Or a Canon Poweshot. Wait till I get one and I'll rub it in his face. He wants to be petty so shall I! I have more right to be petty at 20 compared to his 49 years.

(Jan think of LENT!)

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  1. nose ring. very cool. but make sure u dun take it out. cuz it will leave a scar u know. =)


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