Monday, March 29, 2010

13/52 - Keep The Faith

I had a hard time choosing my photo for this week because I took lots of photos and they were all so awesome and I want all of them to be my photo of the week but there could only be one. >.<

But figuring it was the holy week, a week I like to think of this week as the test of faith and I decided upon this photograph I took at an alleyway behind one of those colonial shophouses.

Week 13 - Keep The Faith

I of course processed the photo in photoshop and I love how it turned out.
This by far is one of my favourite.

And to give a bit of depth to this story, I'll tell you how I chance upon this grafitti and why I think it was put there.

I was actually at Little India that day, buying my favourite sweet, jelebi and I heard there was some alleyway cafe at Selegie Rd there so I decided to check it cos it sound so cool and fun to go to a cafe where only certain people can find it. Hehe.

When I went there, unfortunately it was closed.

I figured since I was there why not walk along it towards The Cathay cos I didn't want to make one big round to go the main road, what I didn't know was, it was a dead end. O.o

Sigh. but I came upon the graffiti!!

I of course took a photo. My camera's my best friend now. hehe.

Then I kinda realised something,

I saw couples walking through that same alleyway, thinking, this alleyway's a dead end.

I looked at the buildings opposite the graffiti, and guess what I saw??

Hotel 81 and Fragrance Hotel.

So now can you see why I feel like the grafitti's placed there??


  1. Lol... very famous hotel for... uhmmm ah ah... haha
    i like the pic so much, feels like very polarized photo... i dont know what is jelebi, wana try it someday :)

  2. hmm.. i read twice.. but i dont know why the graffiti is there, still =/

  3. @Henry I'll post up photos I took of Jelebi soon.

    @Ken Umm the hotels are rather famous for their sleaziness and reputation as the go to place to have sex.

  4. haha...the hotels names very cheesy lor :-P

  5. I like the pics so much, nice. can I steal your pics?

  6. @ohmywtf Lol, yea they are.

    @supia sure sure just link back :P


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