Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The funny things he says

Yesterday Mr. Wonderful managed to get an off day from his duty and decided to hang out with me at school.

We had breakfast and with an hour to spare, I decided he should check out Moberly and play Wii.
When he graduated, they installed Wii and he never knew about it till I told him about how my clique would rent it every friday, last semester.

We played Rayman's Raving Rabid 2.

And here's what he said.

Mr. Wonderful: When we get married the first thing we need to get is, Wii, a sofa and a TV....
Oh and a bed.

He ammended that list when his Wii remote ran out of battery.

Mr. Wonderful: When we get married we need to get a Wii, sofa, TV, a bed...
and rechargeable batteries.

Now frankly, I think we could do without a sofa. We can just install the Wii and the TV in the bedroom. Saves time. But if he wants a sofa, I'm fine with it.

Cos I can make him sleep on it if he starts ignoring me for the Wii.


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