Friday, April 8, 2011

Buffalo Wings Yo!

Last Saturday was fun! I went out with Mr. Wonderful, My BFF, my friend Wei Zhong and a few of his friends to try out the infamous Buffalo Wings at Singapore Flying Club(?).

Took a couple of photos while waiting for my BFF and Wei Zhong. We were late.

Getting to Sunset Grill and Pub is such a pain. Its locate in Seletar East Camp at the Singapore Flying Club.

There are 3 ways you can get there.

1. Take the LRT at Sengkang Station West Loop to Thanggam(?) Station. Walk to Jalan Kayu, then take the bus 130 and alight after Seletar Camp and walk. 
Follow the hand made signboard that says Sunset. 
You can't miss it. Its done in neon paint but be very very alert cos its not like a huge billboard with flashing lights.

In fact its about knee high and might be covered by grass or other signboards made to direct people to the aviation companies located there.

Oh and its quite a walk to get there mind you.

2. By car if you drive. Parking however might be slightly difficult.

3. and finally by taxi, like what we did.

Oh and the address is 140-B Picadilly Road and they're closed on tuesdays. and to go back, its the same. You have no choice but to call a cab and please pray that the driver has GPS or has heard of the place.

When we arrived the sun was just setting.

Rather picturesque and the area although isolated, makes me think of photo shoot opportunities and strangely reminiscent of my mum's home town. No lights. Dirt road, crickets and isolated from the urban jungle. Nice.

Mr. Wonderful on the other hand was just plain creeped out.

As I mentioned before, I'm not really good at taking photos to post on my blog once I start having a good time and when I do take photos, I have to consciously tell myself I have to.

I was kinda bored waiting for the rest so I did take a few shots before dinner.

 Testing out the bulb mode in my camera and managed to take a decent bokeh shot. ^^

We of course ordered the infamous Buffalo Wings. with the different level of spicyness.

We only tried Level 1 and 4 and not the legendary level 30.

Level 1 because we had a couple of people who couldn't take spicy food. and Level 4 cos its a fairly decent level in our opinion.

Here's what happened. Mr. Wonderful took only a bite. BFF, took it in stride, Wei Zhong's face turned red and started perspiring but was rather enthusiastic, WZ's friend, the one who couldn't take spicy food and ate only the level 1 wings said, "We should have ordered the Deep Fried Wings instead",

 and as for me,

I took on the challenge. Ate a wing but the awful stinging and burning sensation lingering on my tongue and especially my lips made me order a cold glass of milk to neutralize the effects.

Yes, milk helps and yes its on the menu.

Some tips:

1. Don't wear heels.

2. Make a reservation. 
Hah! To see the expression on the people in long queue was priceless as our group breezed past them.

3. Don't wear white.

4. Arrive early. The place opens at 4 and their last order is at 9:30 pm although you can stay till 11:00PM.

5. Know a few good campfire songs to pass the time while walking to the main road.
We walked instead of calling a cab. Then we flagged a cab. Strangely lotsa cabs pass by the area, as in the main road.

(My favorite beer and its complementary to the buffalo wings. We ordered a bucket and it was "on the house" see no. 6 below)

6. Check your receipt. Ours had a discrepancy but we didn't alert the staff cos it was in OUR favor.
 (Yes I believe in Karma and yes, its gonna bite me in the ass soon)

Oh and if you see anything weird along the way. Ignore it.

We saw an old man sitting outside one of those WWII era shop houses and there are a couple of things we notice.

1. He was wearing only shorts, much like a POW(Prisoner of War) then would wear.
2. He was skinny like a POW.

Mr. Wonderful: whispers* Is he real?
Me: whispers* I think so.


  1. back in manila, my friends and i hang out at a buffalo wings restaurant every friday. they also have "spice" levels for the wings -- you can go from "Rookie" to "Nuclear" or "Armageddon." I miss it terribly! XD

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