Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekend links!

Two days of awesomeness! And I promise to blog bout it. :D

Tonight, I'm gonna try the famous (infamous) buffalo wings at Seletar and see how tolerant I am of spicy food.
(I'm just praying to get past level 1)

Anyway some awesome links!

Okay I missed out on yesterday's music post. So here is it. Someone Like You by Adele. Things were kinda up and down for me and this song made me cry when I listened to it.
I *heart* this complaint form by Miss Moss. Have you ever received a bad gift in your life before? For me quite a number.

This DIY Maxi Dress is so beautiful! I wish I could make something like this - A Pair & a Spare

Do you admire Audrey Hepburn?? Check out this flickr filled with Audrey photos! via The Drifter and the Gypsy

I guess this is it for now! Are you doing anything exciting and spicy this weekend??

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