Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's talk punctuation marks.

Okay this may be crazy but I kinda have a thing for words, letters, fonts, punctuation marks.
In short. Typography turns me on!


But for now let's talk punctuation marks because out of the list my favorite are punctuation marks. It drives me nuts to see the wrong usage of punctuation or most commonly lack of.

Can you imagine a sentence that just rambles rambles rambles rambles and rambles on without the benefit of a comma to break it up and provide a breathing space or even better yet a full stop or period to break up a really really long sentence like this or worse the abuse of using punctuation marks which I must admit I'm guilty of committing like using question marks and explanation marks inappropriately!

But this post isn't a lecture on the proper usage of punctuation marks.

 (Vintage Typewriter Key Punctuation Mark - Compass Rose Design)

This post is tell you that I'm actually insane enough to have  favorite punctuation marks, not because I use a lot when I write but just because I think they're awesome.

First up and first on my list would be the Ampersand. Its not a punctuation mark "per se". Its a type of ligature, a form of typography.

 (Ampersand bag - Alphabet Bag via iknowitwheniseeit)

I love it because its a lot cooler than typing "and" altho I just realised I rarely use it when I write. Lol! I guess I just love that its used to link. 

Note that I quoted and italicized the words "per se" because its how the ampersand got its name. It was originally use when reciting alphabets which can be used on its own, like "A" and "I".

So its something like "A and per se and B and etc." So over time the phrase "and per se and" got slurred and you have the word Ampersand!

Oh and I would love to get an ampersand tattoo just like Helga from Ditz Revolution!

Okay enough but ampersands. Next is the semicolon.

(I guess I'm not the only one who loves these two punctuation marks! Image from xcarex)

I do hate the word semicolon but I love the symbol. I guess its because the first image that comes to mind fo me would not be the symbol but a morbid photo of an actual semi colons. As in the human organ.

(At this point Mr Wonderful will be like, "You're so weird")

I love this punctuation mark because not many people use it or know how to use it.
And I can proudly say yes I know how to use it! Haha! Here are examples of how you can use it.

  • Waking Up Famous has readers from: Johor Bahru, Malaysia; Jakarta; Indonesia; Bangkok Thailand and Singapore.
  • Jan loves meringues; she bakes them often

(So far both marks are symbols of linking or connecting; I think I'm beginning to see a pattern here and yes the semicolon was intended)

The next would be the irony punctuation mark to denote sarcasm or irony because not many can detect tirony or sarcasm when it its written; the reason why bloggers recieve slamming when a number of people don't understand that certain things are said in irony!

This issue irritates the hell out of me. I'm quite surprised that this punctuation mark did not catch on because clearly sarcasm and irony is very easy to detectIrony mark full.svg 

And yes that sentence was said with sarcasm and if you have not realised it, the mirrored question mark above is the irony punctuation mark. I guess its not popular because why put down that mark when you can italicize the sentence to denote sarcasm.

I don't want to ramble on as this is turning out to be a long post but I would love to know what's your favorite punctuation mark?


  1. interesting post. I didn't know anyone like you who have a fetish on punctuation! :P

  2. Well I won't call it a fetish for me, but I could be a punctuation nazi (grammar nazi) lol. Hmmmmmm... I don't really have a fav though! Ok I guess, for you, its really a fetish LOL. :P

  3. @zaza lol! Yup definitely fetish. I'm so weird.


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