Monday, March 28, 2011

Flea Market at NUS Temasek Hall!

A reason why I've been so busy last week is because I'm teamed up with a friend to participate at a Flea Market at NUS!

This is my first time and I'm crossing my fingers. If you follow me on Twitter I actuall posted up a couple of photos of what I'm selling there.

And here they are!

A work in progress photo of necklaces I'm making.

Photos of some stuff  done! Altho I'm reworking the tassle necklaces because I'm such a perfectionist and not really quite happy with how they turn out.

I do love the sparrow necklaces! I want to keep one for myself but I'd put them up for sale first.

So if you're studying at NUS or going to see the flea. Go on the 30th because we've only booked a booth for a day sadly.

And look for me! If you see me quote the phrase "I Woke Up Famous" and recieve a free gift! ;D
Now excuse me while I panic cos I feel so unprepared.

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