Thursday, March 24, 2011

Online Zines Love

I am a huge fan of indie magazines be it printed or digital.

So I'm dedicating this post to the wonderful magazines I read. Strangely most of them are free. Hmm.

First is Catalog Magazine.

(Image: Catalog)

Its published in Singapore monthly and focuses on shopping & fashion for both ladies AND gentlemen. Best part is its available for free! But limited to 30,00 copies so getting my hands on this is quite a task. I usually hunt for this at The Cathay cos some of the stores there distribute them. But if hunting for them is too much of a hassle, you can always subscribe or settle for the digital version available on their website.
I also hear they have an iPad app version. 

As for me. I hunt for them, I prefer the printed word and the covers are a work of art!

Also another Singapore indie magazine is Juice Singapore

As I've mentioned before, a monthly publication focusing mostly on music and cool social scenes. Hunting this one is hard too but they have digital versions to console myself with.

Next up is Rue Magazine.

(Image: Rue)

I read this in digital cos its an American publication. My absolutely favourite digital mag. Its inspirational, beautiful and makes me want to pop a bottle of pink champagne. They're a lifestyle magazine and feautures lots of indie artisans and businesses. Their website also has cool downloads! Its bi-monthly but so worth the wait and I adore their videos. Also available in the iPad. (seriously with this much reads, I'm so tempted to put the iPad on my, "I-Want-To-Buy-But-I'm-Broke" List)

Matchbook magazine is another beautiful magazine to browse. All digital and free online. It is slightly more tailored to an older crowd and more elegance than fun. They also focus on indie lifestyle and I've also posted about them. Issue 2 is out by the way!

So what bout you? What are your favourites?

Excuse me now while I go and read these mags.

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