Monday, March 7, 2011

I have been craving for these like I crave a for Johnny Depp


I have been craving for wedges. Vaguely, chunky shoes, specifically wedges. I don't really like rapier-thin stilettos as I feel as if I'm precariously ready to tip over and I always feel as if I was Hagrid with huge man feet that doesn't do justice to delicate strappy heels. If I had to wear heels, I'd choose heels with a little bit more substance like this,

(PS: I seem to gravitate to shoes with suede finishes like my purple mary jane-esque shoes)
And if I get bored with it, I'll just pop on a pair of heels condom to jazz it up a bit.  

And yes there's such thing as a heel condom. 
The best thing thought up of ever next to Star Wars. Seriously, why has it never been done before till now??

Anyway, I'm not really a fan of open toed shoes cos as I've said, I barely notice I have feet with toes that can be painted on unless I stub them. (poor feet and toes)
But this pair might just do it for me.

Sigh.. what could go wrong with a pair of these beauties and yes with these I'll get a pedicure for sure. Orange, a life-jacket orange would do the trick.

Anyway. the first pair of shoes, the Gelsey Wedges is what I want. I actually saw a pair at

Its lower in height but it makes it so wearable and I have been known to suffer a little bit from vertigo from time to time if I wear sky-high heels. (who wouldn't?)
I actually saw it a few weeks back when it was in stock but I agonized too long and it was sold out. Then a miracle happened.
They opened up a backorder for it.
I asked Mr. Wonderful about it but he said not to get it cos he reminded me I still need to get my shoes for my graduation Dinner & Dance. Oh and I am wearing the little black toga dress for that Do.

AND I happen to find a corset from sorella for S$35ish to help with that tummy bulge issue. Most body shapers sell for an outrageous price of up to $200. I guess I need to exercise more cos that's just too expensive.

ANYWAY, I blame Mr. Wonderful cos the backorder's closed and I am still craving for the shoes really badly. I actually dreamt about them last night. Along with a slew of other things.

I actually planned this post to feature a little bit more things but gosh I got carried away. Hey maybe I could make this a little weekly feature and what a great way to let Mr. Wonderful know what I want. Haha!

Oh by the way the next item I crave for is a bag.

Honestly I don't know if I'm more of a shoe slut or a bag whore.

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  1. Girrrrrls! Hahahaha. We just love bags and shoes, don't we? :D


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