Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Putting in some face time

I think its been awhile since anyone has seen my face on this blog. So here are two not-so flattering photos of me.

I have not been feeling well hence the less than stellar photos which I tried to cover up by using the Lomolomo app in the iphone. Sadly, it did not help at all.

PS, I am addicted to the iphone. Its only on loan tho till I can afford to get my own phone and I don't think I'll get for myself one. Too broke.

I've taken to wearing side braids and have recently learn how to do fish tail braids. :D I don't know why I never grew my hair long till now! I'm kind of having fun browsing through different hairstyles but I still need to grow my hair out more to achieve anything really nice. And I'm giving bangs another go. Not yet tho.

Oh and I've been wearing glasses lately. 
So glasses + braids = nerdy chic.

Mr. Wonderful loves the look.
PS. my glasses are prescription ones and the frames are brown in colour.
Its gives a more softer than black geek specs out there.
I have sinking feeling if I get bangs again, I'll look like Ugly Betty with my hair down.

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  1. Nerd is the new sexy now. Avril is the new Ke$sha.


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