Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Graduation Dinner and Dance

Hey everyone. You're probably wondering what the heck happened to me after my last post.
Would you believe me if I said it took me this long to recover from the madness of my graduation dinner and dance?

Probably not. :P

After the D&D I've been going out almost everyday and barely have time to stop and blog.
And when I do have time, I've been using it to play the Sims 3m (I'm sorry! Don't shoot me), preparing for a flea market I'm joining at NUS (more bout this in another post), watching movies and busy fulfilling my role as an event planner in the G+ Committee (I'm excited bout this!).

But for now I'm going to blog bout my dinner and dance!

I didn't bring my DSLR that night but I did bring my really really old Canon Ixus camera.

First of all the event was held at Swissotel/Fairmont. Basically at Raffles City Shopping Centre.
Thank goodness Mr. Wonderful and I arrived early cos there was such awful traffic that day.
The Guest of Honour, the director of school was late even!

They had two pre-event stuff going on.

My favourite was the Photobooth! They actually set up a mini studio and we can take photos and get those photos printed out! I think an event wouldn't be complete without a photobooth. Its so fun!

PS: This is our awesome outfit that took literally weeks to put together!
If you realise I have no bulge! haha! After bemoaning the fact for so long, I actually bought a body shaper corset! Why did we ever stop wearing corsets?? They're so much more comfortable now than as before when they were in fashion in the 17th-18th century

( I scanned a few of the photos this in! sorry if the image isn't that clear)

The other activity they had was air-brush tattoo, so I got one. Love it?
I so want a tattoo but there's a lot of buts. sigh..

From here hence. I'll just post photos.

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