Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekend Links

This is actually scheduled, so if you're reading this, either I'm passed out on the bed after the dinner or frolicking at the beach in Sentosa. Whichever comes first.

Oh and a little intro, on this feature. I love blog reading! I love exploring too and as much as I want to blog all my amazing finds (online and offline), I think I'll be flooding this blog and be known as the girl who single handedly (is this a word??) crashed blogger's server.

Also, I want to introduce you, my readers to these awesome blogs that inspires and influences me!

1. So first of all, I think all the girls should read this! A little perspective on the ideal image of beauty being shoved down our throat by the media. How is it that Marilyn Monroe's size back in the 50s is sexy and is now considered fat today? (It kinda began with Kate Moss if you know fashion history)

2.  This is such a cute screen saver to download for your computer if you're into old school!

3. Are a francophile?? Then you'll wan't to find out how to shop like a french girl.

4. For girls who has planned their wedding ever since you watched Disney's Cinderella, A Tiffany's diamond engagement ring is nothing compared this ring, carved and handmade by the guy.

So I guess that's all for now, Have a fun weekend!

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