Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When Shopping goes Astray

I WAS so so proud of myself this past two weeks.

I tamped down my impulsive behavior.

Well at least my impulsive behavior towards shopping.

This 6-7 weeks of working and no play at all made sure I have enough cash to last me through my semester, or at least through 1 month or so IF I'm careful with my cash flow.

I even managed to put aside some cash for a new pair of jeans cos it finally took me this long to realise, that MAYBE straight cut and skinny jeans don't flatter my child bearing hips.

But I don't like boot cut especially if the flare at the bottom is so wide it makes me look like a hippie from the 60's.

Anyway, I decided that yesterday was the day to buy a new pair of jeans. So I popped by New Look after work cos they were having a sale.

I love New Look!

I saw a pair of jeans, bootcut, there wasn't much flare to the bottom and it looks fine. I tried it on and I faced a road block.

One that I've always faced when it comes to buying bottom wear.

My hip size doesn't correspond with my waist size.

I'm a size 10 bottom. Its waist line is PERFECT. But I can't zip it up. You know why???

I have a size 12 hips.

Oh the trouble. Now if it was in UK sizing, (Size 12 = 40, Size 10 = 38)
Size 39 would be kinda perfect on me, still a little loose on the waist but a belt could hold it up.

So I got depressed and wandered around the shop looking at other clothes, trying them on, irritating the hell out of the changing room lady.

And oh my gosh, I found the cutest dress ever!

I wanted to get it but I saved up my money for jeans and I was in a dilemma. I called Mr. Wonderful for a practical opinion, (Couldn't call my best friend since, she'd egg me on to get the dress) He didn't pick up.

Soo I went home..


Yes I bought it!!

Self Portrait II

Lookie lookie isn't it cute!!

Don't mind my tired look and messy hair.

By the way, I'm getting a tiny bit fustrated with my camera. Recently my shots have been grainy but my ISO settings aren't that high but I end up processing my photos like the above to hide the grainy-ness of it.

A little help? (Hi Henry! :D)

Self Portrait I

And here's a totally inspired but lousy shot. Even after all the editing it still looks kinda sucky. I would have used it for my header but I seem to have this weird glow around me. Huh.

PS: That's not a real tattoo. I brushed it on. :P But lately I've been thinking of getting inked.

And oh, I need to save up for my jeans again.


  1. Girl you should smile more often lah, you look so intense! Anyways CHIO DRESS. :DD

  2. The cage tattoo is soooooooooo nice. OMG... I'm considering it right now.

  3. Nice dress and tatoo, I'm loving them <3 Keep up the style.

  4. agree with Aaron.. smile more! =)

  5. Love the dress^^ into petite fleurs rght now too!

  6. @aaron and ken Will try. If I do my face will crack. Lol!

    @jerine its fake but its an awesome fake!

    @glo-w Its such a cute dress!!

    @elynn-p I don't know which one you're refering to but thanks! :D


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