Thursday, April 8, 2010

The funny things he says

I have issues. With lots of baggages.

Enough to make any man run in the opposite direction.

I have issues with tupperware, flower-flavoured food, food with faces(except fish), sleep and oh, a thousand other things.

And my biggest baggage is of course my family.

Its rather heavy and burdensome and I can't exactly get rid of it.

Now Mr. Wonderful must be crazy to love me.

But I'm not going to look in too deep into that, if I discuss it with him, he might get a bout sanity and try to run away to the end of the galaxy.

Mr. Wonderful's awesome cos he's who I dump all my issues and baggage on. And he certainly has a way of turning things around.
 Just read the following serious conversation I had with him.

Mr. Wonderful: Just think of it baby, when you're married to me things will be better. 
Me: I hope so. 
Mr. Wonderful: It will be
Me: I do want to marry you, but it feels like the future is still so far away and I can't seem to see what will life is going to be like when I'm with you? What do you see?
Mr. Wonderful: Naked XD
I think I'll make our conversation snippets be a regular thing on the blog. Although it seems as if Mr. Wonderful's remarks tend to be sexual in nature.

I'll start recording down our conversation from now on. No pressure baby to come up with witty remarks.


  1. haha.. he's a pervertic cool guy! would like to meet more of these kind of people =P

  2. lol... i think he suits u well with his humor! HAHA
    good one mr wonderful! XD


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