Monday, April 19, 2010

The Great Mysteries Of The Universe

Above is the product I promoted the last 3 days.

It tastes really really good but sadly overpriced.

While working, I discovered one of the Great Mysteries of The Universe.

The Human Tongue.

It really eludes me you know as to how sensitive the tongue can get.

I understand if its sour but to detect 6.8g of sugar really impresses me.

Is it because they're diabetic or have a fear of getting diabetes that they get really really sensitive to sugar content in food products that they can tell immediately that there's some sugar??

Or is it because they're becoming super humans??

And how the heck did one of the lady taste the sodium in one tiny cup of sour sparking juice???


  1. a diabetic friend can immediately tell if what she's eating has sugar because she gets dizzy. hehe!

  2. LOLOL so biological. I don't even know the human tongue taste how much! :PP

  3. dont think we have that here in msia =P


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