Monday, April 12, 2010

15/52 - My Feet

Week 15 - My Feet

I have ugly feet.

They're my most neglected body part. I don't take care of them enough.

I really should start appreciating it more like bringing them for massages, a proper pedicure and applying tons of potions and lotions to make it look pretty.

And yes its coated with purple glitter nail polish.

Sparkly Nails

See even my finger nails are coated with purple glitter nail polish. (Yes I know, I can't apply nail polish for nuts but I'm kinda hoping its mesmerizing glitter-iness will distract people from my messy application)
My baby sister is even mesmerised by it. She took a look at them said,

"Pweety... Shiinnyy!"

I figured that since once you reach a certain age, you can't wear shiny purple glitter nail polish anymore with looking like you're trying to be younger than your age. It'll only work if you're a tween, a getai singer or Madonna.

Being almost 21 is still OKKAY to wear them!

Besides, I feel like I'm 15 again. I'm trying to recapture my youth. I was too busy studying to enjoy being girly.


  1. Aww, I miss my FIFTEEN too:) Ceh, say as if like I'm damn old XD

  2. I love that colour!!! Where you got it from?

    Anyway, I have ugly feet too. OMG! I think I should start a blog to post up feet angle

  3. wow. such a beautiful nail polish.

  4. Awesome friend once put on this slimy green colour (put in mind the nickolodeon's slime) and it was very eye catching xP

  5. Don't worry. I have uglier feet than you. LOL :)

  6. @Vin Lol! How old are you??

    @Ken mesmerising huh?? XD

    @Jerine Remember my post where I posted up nail polishes I bought?? I got it from the same dealer and they pop everywhere and I chanced upon them at a different location that day.

    This photo shall be my contribution to the feet blog! :D

    @ddy thank you!

    @chester I want that colour! :D

    @Lindy Lol!

    @Aaron Thanks :D


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