Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NN Symposuim 2010

 Meet Zara and I.

Graduates of SMU

We went to the NN Blogger's Symposium last Saturday. Held at SMU

And apparently we camwhored alot too.

Now who's this bugger guy??

He's the winner of the Mini Photo contest and with his really really adorable photo of a kid who got her nose squashed by the balloon! He got the New Canon Poweshot S90 and I'm jealous. D:

And here's the awesome long queue for the food. As an event planner, I really thought it could have been done better. But as an attendee, it was worth the wait. Lol.

And here I took a photo with Xiaxue!!
She's so petite and really pretty despite the photoshop!

Zara of course took a photo with her too!

And this is the crowd that turned up for her workshop, and if you're guessing which workshop we attended, you guessed right!

More Camwhoring. I'm really surprised at myself sometimes. I don't usually camwhore alot.

Must be because of the awesome topic we're going to learn about by the Camwhore Queen herself!

Here they are setting up. You gotta love her Zhnged pink viao laptop/

And we begin!!
 Lookie lookie! Its a rainbow!

Zara again! Where's my photo??

 She works photoshop like magic! I won't tell you tho. If you want to know you've got to sign up next year!


Oh and Kenny turned up. And with a few helpful suggestion from the crowd like false eyelashes, blushers and straightening his brows, Xiaxie prettified him!


  1. Kenny is so pretty.. wakaka..
    XX look pretty in your photo too.. I thought she only photoshop to make herself pretty.
    Wish Malaysia got this too. Or perhaps I should go to Singapore for this. Since i am just 45mins away from Singapore.

  2. Aww c'mon, share with us some of her photoshop tips! >.<


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