Friday, April 16, 2010

A Quickie

Here's Another Quickie Post!

I'll be away this weekend working. (Boo!)

So that means my blog will be kind of quite, unless you all decided to throw a chatbox party here while I'm away. (No fair!)

So thanks to my classmate YT. (Can't find her blog)
Apparently she works for a company as a promoter of things. What things? Alot.

I have a feeling the prettier you are the sexier the outfit and better things to promote. Well apparently she's quite prettay. Haha

So they needed more more promoters to promote food stuff and she rounded up us (classmates and I)
Hehe, doesn't it totally rock to be in a class of 20 where 15 are of the female variety??
So I'll be working at Carrefour Suntec City promoting some vitamin drink.


If you're there drop ya?

That's all. Gotta go :D

And don't hold that party without me!

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  1. I think I should do a quickie when I'm busy too. Hmmm...


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