Monday, April 5, 2010

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Sometimes I wonder why I decided upon Event Management as my career choice??

Its stressful, tiring, fustrating and often times high risk.
I just came back from Terrappin's office, one of Singapore's biggest corporate events management company. Its an awesome company but here's what I notice, only temporary staff like me can sit back and relax in our seats while the others, are practically on the edge of their seats.


Anyway, I'll be busy tomorrow once again in the running a conference.
 I think I love events management cos its controlled yet unpredictable at the same. 

Its never boring.


  1. I would've loved to work in that industry, because i get bored easily. You're lucky you get to do the job you want. :)

  2. terrapin? name after a turtle's family?? is not everyone working as slow as a turtle? JK.

  3. I just got offered a job as event manager :S

  4. @Kelvin Thanks! I want to get through my final year of Poly first before I really dive in.

    @eMs If lucky you mean waking up for to arrive at the venue by 5 to set up, and watch the sunrise, yea. :D Its controlled chaos!!

    @renaye Lol! Beats me, its an international company and their slogan's actually "Use your brain"

    @Jerine Really?? Are you going to accept it?? I have a feeling you're cut out for it!


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