Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sponsored Post: Room 303 Unlock the Secrets

Room 303 - DKNY Jeans
Source: DKNY Jeans
Don't you just love a little mystery and intrigue especially if you have to do a bit of detective work to solve the problem?

Well I do and Room 303 an animated murder mystery inspired by the DKNY JEANS Fall/Winter Collection is just my thing!

"The collection itself is inspired by the famous Chelsea Hotel in New York where artistes, rock stars, poets,actors and socialites have stayed ! For many decades, the hotel has been a centre for artistic creativity with a good dose of rock and roll. The aura is one of faded decadence where anything goes and both individuality and eccentricity is celebrated."
(extracted from: DKNY JEANS website)

So Room 303 is set in NYC Hotel, and centres around five strangers, a backpacker, a rock star, a businessman and a model who arrives at the hotel to meet a strange and mysterious man,
Every week a webisode is is launched and viewers are invited to find clues and win prizes!

Sadly the contest is at end but to watch all five episodes of Room 303 go check out the website!

Anyway, I was invited to go along for a Live Hunt at Paragon Shopping Centre!

We started off at the DKNY Store in Paragon where we were given instructions and we downloaded thr SCVNGR app to my best friend's phone.

(Did I mention I brought along my best friend fran?? Because I have no iPhone/Android phone but she has. :P)

We have to follow one of the five trek either the businessman, the backpacker, the artist, the model or the rockstar.

We chose the artiste Carla of course! :D

We clicked on the location..

And searched for the 3 tasks we're suppose to do!

Want to know how we did? Watch the video below

So yea we did complete the hunt but although we both did it separately (me on her phone and BFF on her ipod touch 4) only one of us got the prize cos there was only one left (We were late to start) D:

So the winner got a $50 gift voucher at DKNY JEANS and a really cool thumbdrive! I love the Fall/Winter Collection by the way and I'm so going to buy something from there for Christmas! :D

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