Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Cut!

I forgot I didn't take a photo of myself for the DKNY Post! >.<
What kind of blogger am I??
(Thanks to BFF for this photo)

Anyway I wanted to show off my new look!

I cut straight bangs two weeks back but I only got to show it to you guys today.

Well its suppose to be straight. I asked for straights bangs but the hairdresser thinned my bangs! AGAIN!

And no, I didn't go to the same cheapo hair salon when I had to salvage my hair a month back when I came up with this crazy idea to DIY my bangs.

I went to one that charged me $22 for a haircut at Kovan because the hair salons in Sengkang were out to fleece me!

But the hair salon in Kovan had ITE student trainees O.o They're nice. Really nice. They just don't get my concept even after showing them a picture of Zooey Deschanel.

Failed again. I'm going to get the straight bangs look straight even if I have to pay a thousand dollars! (Not really a thousand, maybe 50)

PS. I think Thinning Sccissors should be banned.

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  1. Hey at least your bangs didn't turn out bad! I ever had a fugly haircut that literally turned me into a MUSHROOM many yrs ago. I so wanna do my hair now but don't know where to! Haircuts are frightening... damn those scissors. It's a make or break thing!


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