Sunday, December 5, 2010

Presenting my class, The Mug Shot Edition

As I mentioned, my class did a photoshoot and here are the photos hot from Facebook!

Aren't we cute!!

I'm the one with the Kitty Cat Ears! <3

If you have not realized it yet, Girls outnumber guys, by ALOT.

There's suppose to be 21 of us, 6 guys, 15 girls but a few of them found it pointless to do it.
Oh well, its not our fault they don't want to be part of a class.

Anyway, our awesome photographer, Shamil is my classmate's (Zara) boyfriend and he willingly did for free!

My eyes literally turn bug-eyed when I saw his equipments. The investment in the equipment pretty much says it all for his dedication to the craft!
(I'm feeling a little jealous right now)

Oh yea! I forgot to mention we're suppose to do some sort of mugshot themed photo inspired by this.

So the plan was to give each other nicknames that best described us.

We also wanted to do a height chart but we didn't have time and when we did an impromptu one, it was too short for the tallest person in the class.

Presenting my classmates and their nicknames!

If only you know the reasons behind the nicknames. It'll be too long to explain all.
So guess what's mine??
(PS: I know the photo placement's a bit weird but when I arranged it when I was composing this post it was alright)

They put down The Little Blogger for me, very apt.
The "Nuffnang FTW" is.. Lol.

So now here come's the hard part, We have to choose 1 group shot out of the many and I have to chose 1 individual shot. So why don't you help me decide?

There actually 4 shots, but I decided to put up this two. The least awkward of the 4. (Posing for shoots is a lot harder than it looks!)

So leave a comment and tell me which photo should grace our year book photo, The one on the left or the right with the Kitty Kat Ears!


  1. nice photos! love it! damn creative writing on the board too! :)

  2. Oh no I can't make up my mind to help u choose! But I really love ur class photo, very unique! I love it!

  3. Lol listen to my advice and take the one that's on the right! More cute, you want people to remember you in your yearbook so definitely the RIGHT.


Comments are always welcome! :)


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