Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Nokia OVI App Wizard Workshop preview!

Nuffnang Singapore and Nokia hosted a workshop recently on 15 December to share with 50 lucky bloggers on how to create your very own OVI app for bloggers to reach out to our readers on the go!

And guess what?

I'm one of the lucky 50 who was chosed!

As my app (OMG, I have an app!!) is still under vetting, I won't blog about it just yet till its been approved by the OVI store. So here's an awesome preview of my app!

Waking Up Famous - Nokia OVI App Wizard Preview


  1. wow! please teach me teach me! :D

  2. NICE! I wanted to go but my lessons ended too late. D:

    Can't wait to see ur app! :D


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