Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Five Things Wednesdays.

Thank Goodness for Five Things Wednesday! Or else I won't have a single blog post at all this week (altho I do have something in mind)

1. I came across a website called Cute Overload and this video is so cute!

2. Do you always lose at Scissors Paper Stone?? Well here's an awesome flowchart that tells you how to win at Scissors Paper Stone.

Apparently there's a Rock Paper Scissors competition and I marvel at the fact that someone actually researched this not totally useless information.

3. I love bangs! You know, hair? fringe? I can't wait till my messed up bangs grow out so I can properly get it cut and style it in these 4 easy styles! I especially love the 70's look.

4. I love Lost at E Minor! They always feature the coolest stuff, from photography, illustration, fashion to funny websites and quirky products. I can spend days just trawling through their site but this is my favourite so far.

5. Tumblr is an awesome source of memes. and I found a list of words that doesn't exist in the english language. Like  this word Gheegle (or gigil in proper spelling) from my mother tongue, tagalog. It means the urge to pinch or squeeze something that is unbearably cute. 
Like Mr. Wonderful. :D
Do you know any other words that doesn't exist in the English language?

So that's for this Wednesday's Five Things! :D On another note, Mr. Wonderful is planning my 21st birthday party! And I'm going to give a very big hint of what I want tomorrow. Hee!

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