Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sentosa Spooktacular 2010 Exclusive!

There's something spooky going on at Sentosa this weekend.

Even the Merlion looks menacing.

And tour guides are not what they seem to be..

Well Mr. Wonderful and I were going to find out just how haunted Sentosa is, along with other OMY Blog Club Member.

By nightfall, we were soon greeted with wandering spirits.

And we soon embarked on the very first trail.

The Cursed Island
[some spoiler ahead]
We were only allowed to take photos for this first trail but be prepared to be spooked!

Mr. Wonderful lead the group of us. 8 per group for auspicious reasons.

And I was last.
Something which I didn't really relish.

The "guardians" of the treasure you will meet!

The "guardians" of the treasure you will meet!

Beware of curtained doorways too!

I thought it would never end!

But all of us made it out!

And guess who else came??

We then went wandering around looking for the next trail.

We must have taken a wrong turn somewhere.

Mr. Wonderful tried asking for directions. But the skeleton wasn't very forthcoming so.. we decided to have fun and take photos!

And then it kinda got creepy..

Yup. Mr. Wonderful screaming in horror at 'something'

Then we finally found the next trail.

The Haunted Asylum

While queuing (we must be nuts to queue to get scared!) we encountered some wondering spirits.

Oh and watch out for the shrieking geisha! She'll chase you till you cower in fear before her!

Its also very funny to watch, unless you're the one being chased.

We couldn't take photos once we were inside.

But the haunted asylum is by far the scariest trail.
The fact that there are figurines inside Images of Singapore, you have no idea if they are real or not.

Oh here's a bit of warning.
Don't let anyone out of their cages.

We found more ghosts a wandering.

Hand off my boyfriend!

I'm curious as to how this Peranakan couple died/ 

While queuing for the next trail, I took photo of Harry Potter Hong Peng.

The queue was so long! Luckily we started off early at 6.30ish pm. So if you are going do go early to avoid the long queues!

Photo Op with a victorian ghost!

More photos with ghosts!

 Joanna is the reason why some of the male ghosts are in tatters. Lol!

Apparently Mr. Wonderful is a fan of the Orang Minyak.

Oh and a video on us going up Tiger Sky Tower, aka Tower of Fear.

Nothing scary but an awesome way to end you spooktacular night.

Overall, an enjoyable way to celebrate halloween!

Lots of thanks to and Sentosa!


  1. I like yr witch hat and I think yr green contact lens match the theme of the nights. Most of the make up of the ghosts looks really real :D Awesome!

  2. Bwahaha.I hope I could go fly to your place!! I want to experience the sentosa spooktacular!
    You're a pinoy right? can you understand tagalog? (O.o)

    Funny how they posed? :D

    Shouldn't they be on character? lol XD

  3. A really 'spooktacular' night! All the effort those guys put into their outlook:) Nice witch outfit you've got there as well.

  4. HEY JAN! awesome post on sentosa! wanted to visit the night safari event the other day but it was too expensive! :(( do you have twitter? :))


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