Monday, October 18, 2010

A Quickie

Okay my quickies are going to be on Mondays!
(Also another effort to blog more regularly, that makes it two days out of a week where I must blog, the other being Five Things Wednesday)
(PS: If you're wondering why I keep posting the same image for my quickie updates, its cos I haven't found another image and well I label my quickies under "totally domestics", you know, housekeeping for my blog)

1. Call for a date for Sentosa Spooktacular is over!
I'm bringing my bodyguard friend Sebby. Who apparently wants to go to scare the scare actors. Hehe.
Mr. Wonderful is going with me! So so sorry to Sebby! >.<

2. My eye is bruised.
Thanks to Mr. Wonderful. No no he's not abusive. He kicked my accidentally while swimming.

3. School starts today.
Argh and my monday class is from 3 - 6pm. One class only.

4. I promised to post up my 21st birthday idea(and I will!)
Umm. I'll post tomorrow. :P

So yup that's all for this weekend. How was yours?

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