Thursday, October 14, 2010

Colours at The Pool

I'm done being cranky, just that I don't think I'll be able to see Mr. Wonderful this thanks to the Apache helicopter crash.

He's in Air Force and everyone is on duty till they do some sort of maintenance check on ALL Apaches.

So anyway my sister and I decided to go swimming a few days back and I brought my camera.

I love Sengkang Swimming Complex. If you look around its pretty vibrant with colours.
Its also still fairly new.

Anyway here are some photos.

By The Pool

Flip Flops
Mr. Wonderful's mum went on a trip to Thailand recently and bought for me this "Louis Vuitton" flip flops. I love.


Bunting 2

I love the bunting strung across the pool.

Part of a wall, stairs and the spectator stands.

Me at the Pool
Me looking like a nerd thanks to the centre parting.

My sister
And my favourite sister. :D Well she's my only sister.

I hope you enjoyed the photos!

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