Thursday, October 14, 2010

Out and About

Okay I reckon that I at least should do a proper blog post, albeit a long overdue one.

Well basically at least some photo updates since I have not been posting my photos and you've got to put a face to a blog right?
So here it is.

Ms. Wonderful
And What A Face!

Mr. Wonderful and I went for a proper date (finally). You know sex lunch and and movie. Pretty boring stuff, unless if we really had sex. Then it'll be good. Lol!

We had lunch at Aston's. (Same boring)

Black Pepper Chicken
Here's what I ordered.

Char Grilled Chicken
Here's what he ordered.

And then we took bites out of each other's lunch.

Baked Potato
And here's my favourite thing about Aston's! (Yummy)

And while waiting for our order, we took photos! (Fun!)

Funny Faces

Mr. Wonderful
And here is Mr. Wonderful modelling the scarf I made. Crazy right? I mean making a scarf, a thick one when Singapore is a tropical island.
Now if only I finished it in time before Janice went off to Finland. I could have given it to her where it'll be much more useful.

After lunch we went to watch the legend of Chen Zhen. (Boring)
Story line pretty much the same as Ip Man. Reluctant hero forced to be a hero due to the fact that a good friend died and want's justice. Fights evil Japanese Major and won.

Only the action scene in the beginning while at France was awesome. Other than that, pretty repetitive of what Donnie Yen does in all his martial arts movie.
Oh and what's up with the monkey noises in the final fight scene? Totally throws me off. He doesn't make funny monkey sounds in the earlier fights and now he suddenly does??

I'd say, Donnie Yen should just stick to acting.
Not really cut out to be an Action Director.

I would have made out with Mr. Wonderful but an old man in front of me keeps imagining that I kicked his damn seat. If I were to kick I'd be resting my feet on his bald pate.

So that's for now.
(sigh, I'm in a very cranky mood and I'm sorry.. actually I'm not sorry but I will be once I'm done being cranky)

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