Thursday, October 28, 2010

Five Things Wednesday

Five Things Wednesday is here and this time its a list of five things I want for my birthday!

Hee! I don't need to elaborate right??

2. I would really really love to get this awesome Diary by Frankie Magazine.

I mean look at it! I would definitely write in this everyday!

Seriously, this is one gift I really want to get, I may not get a shopping spree or any of the other gifts on my list but I do want this.

3. Since Mr. Wonderful gifted me with a hard cover Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, I think the next book I'd like to be given would be a hardcover, Tim Burton's The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy. (PS There's just something about hardcover books I love)
This just one of those books I'd love to own.

4. Okay since I mentioned I had Pride & Prejudice, I'd love to get my hands on Pride & Prejudice DVD.
The one with Keira Knightly please. :D

5. Umm.. A DSLR. :P Okay its asking for too much but a girl can dream right???

So that's my list of things I want for my 21st birthday. :D
Of course I want more than five but if I were given five choices, it would be those 5.

Well apart from the shopping spree and the DSLR, I guess I'm not really materialistic. I think.

I guess the reason why I decided to do my five things on what I want for my birthday,
First reason, I don't want a teddy bear. I already have one.
Second reason, I'm a bookworm.
Third reason, my birthday would be a lot more meaningful if I got the above (not counting 1 and 5). Its hard to explain.

I'm not being thick-skinned in asking for those things. I just believe in giving(and receiving) presents that a person would keep and treasure or is at least useful. Not something they'll throw away after a few years cos after awhile.

Well anyway, umm, that's my list. :D

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