Monday, October 25, 2010

The one thing you should never tweet about

So I was on twitter last night when I tweeted this.

Then I received a reply

 Followed by,

Actually just follow the whole action which I screen captured, giving a narration of how my one tweet went haywire is too painful.

After reviewing the screen captures,
I realized a few thing,

1. I've become a pushover;
2. I'm afraid to go on twitter
3. I type "lol" in my tweets. Alot.

So apart from that I've decided to blog the above as a warning to all on one thing you should never tweet about.
(or the people who you should avoid)


  1. HAHA I couldn't agree more to the note to self :D

  2. remember to treat me as well ya! TEEHEE! xD

    Follow me on Twitter @

    p/s: following you back okie?

  3. cappuchino sounds great...maybe starbuck will do...

  4. LOL! your conversation is so funny xD
    ok~~~ i will listen to you! xD

  5. lol... i was featured in ur blog! LOLx


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