Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Layout!


After having such a hectic week, I don't know where I found the time to create this new layout for my blog.
Its somewhat complete. I'm still doing some minor tweaks but overall, I'm loving the new layout. :D

So to go into detail what I've done...

I removed the background image I was using. I didn't like it anymore and the background image feels like my blog was from a template which isnt cos I designed the background image. Oh and I changed it to a plain white background. Minimalist and refreshing. :D

I've changed the header picture. I'm still quite adamant about putting my face up there. It's just not my style.

I put navigation tabs below the header! I didn't want to use the pages widget cos the I can't customize the tabs. I know its a bit small but I didn't want it to be bigger than my header and I don't have alot of navigation tabs (yet). If I don't plan on adding more, I'll just centre align them.

(PS some of the navigation don't work cos I still don't have a FAQ and a Sponsor page)

Then instead of putting in different badges/widgets of other sites where you can find me which looks so messy, I decided to just remove them, create my own buttons and put it under one place.

I totally love my buttons! Push those buttons yea! Especially facebook because I've finally created a Facebook page for my blog!
I know not the meaning of shame.

So those are the major changes I've made.

Other things still in the work, like I mentioned, the FAQs (do ask me me questions yea?), the sponsor page, yes I'm taking sponsorship! That is if anyone wants to sponsor Waking Up Famous, lol (I'm shameless).
Also, I plan on putting up a list of blog links I love. A badge for grab to link my blog to anyone who's interested in linking. (lol) Oh and other housekeeping stuff like organising the labels on my post.
I would love to continue doing all the above but I've got backloads of post to update so its going to be a slow and hopefully painless process.

So tell me truthfully, how do you like the revamped Waking Up Famous??


  1. looking nice..
    like the banner with the patterns within :)

  2. SUCH A CUTE HEADER! looks like Jan mixed with katy perry! haha! :))


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