Wednesday, July 28, 2010

No Life. Not even an Online Life.

So here's what my daily life's been like for the past zillion years since I last blog.

Wake Up
Go To School
Try to pay attention to lectures
Watch reports and assignments pile up
Go for more endless stie visits pertaining to abovementioned reports and assignments
And/Or Go to my final year project's client's office to work on final year project.
Go Home
Have Dinner
Finish assignments and reports that are way past the deadline
Konk off.

Today, I found myself strangely free from having to do anything and decided to let you all know, 
I'm not dead.

If anyone is still reading this blog.

From the look of things, my social life is gone. Friends? What's that??
What is considered fun to me is arranging my work desk to free up space for work.
Yes. That's fun because its the closest thing I get to not doing any form of work.

I'm in a strange mood tonight. 
Probably in shock cos I actually have time to do my own things.

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  1. Welcome back girl, don't worry i'm still your reader!!! (:


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