Monday, January 31, 2011

Featured Post: Plain Whimsy is back on!

For my first official sponsored post, I'll be featuring my permanent sponsor, MY online shop, Plain Whimsy.

I'm pretty sure its perfectly good blogging ethics to promote my shop and my shop to be permanent sponsor.

So anyway more about my Plain Whimsy.

Well the philosophy behind Plain Whimsy is,

"all about creating things with love and giving old things new life. Its about encouraging people to support indie artisans and handmade businesses and embracing a life without mass consumerism products."

So the whole concept is really about changing our lifestyle and she was even so cute as to create the Plain Whimsy Girl that she strives to be and what a Plain Whimsy Girl is all about.

To start things off, in a true Plain Whimsy fashion, she's selling these really cute Crochet Bow Pins and Hair Clips under Plain Whimsy Handmade!
And Plain Whimsy is currently developing a new pin so do look out for that!

The second half of her shop is dedicated to vintage which the owner (me) painstakingly trawl through and curate for sale. 
Currently she's selling these beautiful gilded hand mirrors which are in mint condition. Do get them cos there's only two!

So to start things rolling, check out Plain Whimsy's blog because they're having a give away to celebrate their opening!

I'd participate but I own the shop :P.

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