Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Standstill Challenge

I am a horrible blogger.

There I've said it. And I know alot of you out there will agree. What blogger leaves her blog stale for two weeks??

I've been to caught up in real life, mostly school work.
This semester being the final hurdle. I'm inundated by presentations, report and making time for a hundred and million things that I neglect Waking Up Famous.

I am not giving up tho.

Having a semi-working laptop is a pain and with no means to repair, makes me shockingly feel so disabled.
and not so surprisingly, I realised I am horribly reliant on my laptop.

(if there is a laptop God, I would be so grateful to receive a new one)

But the MONTHS(okay I exaggerated here but it feels like it) without having a laptop is strangely liberating.

Sure I've suffered from withdrawal symptoms (nausea, shivering hands and insecurity) in the first week but after a while, I suddenly found the time to jog (I signed up for Sundown Marathon this year), read for leisure and be more active in church.

So my challenge from me to you is to live without your computer/iphone/laptop/ipad for a week and see what happens.

(PS: I really do need a to repair mine or my blog postings will be sporadic  at best.)

For now enjoy this beautiful video I came across.

Adam & Eve from dolly on Vimeo.

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