Saturday, June 12, 2010

HPB Live It Up! Without Lighting Up! - The Great Audio Experience


Been so caught up with my tests and finishing projects but yay now I'm free!!

On 29 May 2010 HPB me and bunch of Nuffies participated in the Great Audio Experience!

Unfortunately I was late for the registration (my starting point was at Heeren) but managed to participate as an undercover spy participant. Well basically I stuck out like a sore thumb in a mob of blue.


See! Me and Mr. Wonderful and I in plain clothes.

And the rest in BLUE!!

We caught up with them at Orchard Central where we await Mr. Young's instruction on 987FM.

I admit it was a confusing moment and I kinda had no idea what was going on.

But I did take lots of photos!! (Let's play a game of spot the nuffies!)


On our way to the second stop!

At Istana Park! Our task was, we were to give a white dollar note with a fact about smoking (YOU CAN SAVE ALOT OF MONEY BY NOT SMOKING YOU KNOW!!) to random people on the street that were there but umm, there were only two tourists and they walked off before we got the go ahead. D:

And then we headed back to our final destination!


At Plaza Singapura where the blue shirts clashed with the orange and red shirts, peacefully and friendly of course.

So apparently while we were doing our thing, another group of people did theirs.
There was a dance competition and I wished I could have watched it.

And guess what?? The winners of Category A and B took the stage for an encore performance!

Cat B Winners!

They are really really good and young.

Cat A winners!

There are only 3 members in their group but the won. Watch the video to find out why!

 So yea, at this point I lost the nuffies in the crowd. Lol.
And I left too. I didn't find out who won the iPad tho.

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  1. Was the event fun? didnt go for the event cos i went for the Family Day Outing =)


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