Friday, June 18, 2010

Procrastination is my biggest weakness

Term Test Period Burned Me Out.

I was so so worried and panicky over my term test, when it was over, I had this complete lapse in.. everything. Gah!

I stopped jogging, blogging and I basically played games, read books, and ate. Alot.

So yea, even now, writing this require lots of forcing myself, to swich on the laptop, go online, upload random photos and post this up.

So here are the photos, of what I've done ever since I've gone kaput from the blogging scene.

At a church BBQ, my friend Josh.

Here's me and Mr. Wonderful still at the church BBQ. Oh and a sneak peak at how I'll look like when I'm 40. (hopefully I look like that but its horrible at how I look like 40 at 21!) Weird camera angle I think.

At the tunnel going towards Esplanade where I watched a free show from the The Flipside festival, The Cardio Boys.

And umm. Basically that's it! Going to laze off now!

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