Saturday, June 12, 2010

Toys Story 3!

How many of you grew up watching Toys Story and Toys Story 2?

Well they're back! *squeel!!*

Ever since I watched this show I believed my toys were alive and I would pretend to sleep at night hoping to catch my Barbie Dolls in action but sigh.. No such luck.

Well my all time favourite character is Rex the dinosaur!

Why is he my most favourite character??

Well for one thing, he defeated Emperor Zurg in Toys Story 2!

And secondly he's the only tyrannasaurus rex that has paranoia!

So basically in Toys Story 3 Andy is all-grown up and off to college giving away his toys.. Aww..

My favourite scene in the trailer is of where Mr. Potato Head became Mr. Zuchinni Head!! Thats a definate LOL moment.

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