Monday, June 21, 2010

National Runway Cycling and Skating 2010

Yesterday was Father's Day. How did you celebrate this event?

Well my dad and I indulged in one of our favourite activity.

Yes, I'm taller than my dad and yes the cap's from Toys R Us which I was suppose to return when I quit there. :P

I used to actively cycle with my dad where I'd join him and his other cycling buddies just going around Singapore aimlessly. We even had a Street Directory Map where my dad highlighted the routes he has taken. He even went from Hougang, where we used to stay, and cycled all the way to Jurong Island before they closed the roads off to the public due to 9/11.

I enjoy night cycling on the road best. No unruly drivers trying to clip you, no sun and the whole road pactically belongs to us.

One of the event we used to go for was the Safra National Runway Cycling. Now called Safra National Runway Cycling and Skating. (Skaters are such a nusiance I tell you. They account for the most accidents that happened at the event)
This year I joined him again! And so did Mr. Wonderful who had to attend cos the Air Force woefully told him he has to.

I borrowed the bicycle - a racer - from my dad's friend who wasn't going and I am going to definitely get one for myself seeing how smooth it rode.

I love this event! Cyclists (and skaters) are set loose on Paya Lebar Airbase Runyway! Whoots!

The event started pretty early, we were there by 7:45 AM and we cycled there from home.

Just before the flag off. Lots of people. Really huge turn out.

I signed up for the 15km lesuire cycle and my dad did the 45KM Shimano endurance.
He wanted me to do it but it's too daunting. Lol.

And we're off!

I'm super glad it didn't rain but the weather was so so hot.

And I left Mr. Wonderful behind and just cycled on. Sorry! Just being on wheels like that, makes me feel like flying and bicycles like mine are meant to fly.

I started taking photos at the finish point while waiting for Mr. Wonderful. That Photo is Project 52-worthy but, urgh, had to end it. D:

People resting, pretty much not caring about the heat cos we're all sweaty and smelly by then and it's a great way to get a tan.

People who participated.
Proffessional looking in-line skater.

Aunty's and Uncle's.

Little Kids.

Little-er kids who still use training wheels.

Kids so little they can't cycle yet

And Cheaters with motorized bicycles.

Look who finally arrived!

He survived his 5th cycling experience! Apparently he had problems with his gears. And when I changed it for him. He wen't like "OOHHH!!!!"

Haha! Such a noob. But I'll be there to train him.

We went for a second round at a much easier pace cos

1. My ass hurts
2. I still have to cycle home

We took some photos along the way.

At the water point.

Looking suspiciously sun burnt. Oh I can't wear that type of sunglasses. It goes up when I smile.

At the end point. (Yup, definitely sunburnt)

Caught up with my dad with his cycling buddies. All Pinoy! Whoots!
At this point, I got quite embarrased and a bit pissed at my dad for snubbing Mr. Wonderful. Hmph.

With the F-15. Hmm. I want to buy the shirts most of them have on.

With Gellene, our family has been friends since forever.

What I learn:
1.I'm definitely participating next year after not participating for a long time.
2. I need SPF 200+++ sunblock
3. I need padded shorts. I think I've got bruises on my ass!


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